Meet storage, your new best friend


If you’re anything like me, you like stuff. Everyone has a weakness, and for me, it’s clothes. I might even refer to it as my Achilles’ heel because there are days when I know I shouldn’t purchase that dress or those pair of jeans but just can’t seem to help it. Now, whether you have a vast amount of clothing you own or an impressive collection of books, you know you need to have storage to house it all. If you’re overwhelmed with all of your stuff and need a point in the right direction to get better organized, have no fear, I’ve scoped out some great ideas to get you started!


This setup is a great example of how to organize a smaller closet with room to spare on the back of the door for your other stuff, such as your craft supplies, etc.


If you don’t have a large closet to store your favorite outfits, a separate wardrobe unit is your next best bet! This one for example has separate shelving to put decorative boxes and pull out drawers to help de-clutter your bedroom.


A cheap and easy way to spruce up your linen closet is to take small storage bins for all of your essential beauty needs and customize them with a little bit of yarn and glue. Very cute!

The next few images I found while researching some unique storage shelving for all of your books and knick knacks. Have a look and get inspired!

7953966_f520  galley-kitchen-space-saving-storage-idea

unique-stylish-dvd-storage-ideas-5  storage-box


For the bedroom, another great idea to hide away all of your precious stuff is to store it under your bed in these functional bed frames.

Modern versus traditional storage beds:


Sometimes keeping a clean and tidy kitchen pantry is easier said than done. However, these ideas are sure to inspire even the messiest of us (and yes, I’m including myself in that!)

pantry design ideas, pantry design, kitchen                                picturesque-agreeable-kitchen-pantry-designs-modern-style-feats-white-shelving-designs-made-by-wooden-and-unique-pendant-light-fruit-baskets-jars-snack-cereals-gray-wallpaper-feats-pattern-decorating 

Now, this last one (and some may say the most important one) is for the women: SHOES. Here are a few awe inspiring ideas for your most valuable items!

Modern-Storage-Ideas stair-pic-.png



Well, I think I’ve got you off to a good start, now get out there and start organizing! And please, please don’t use your storage for this:

max_400_best-cat-memes-funny-cat-memesKeep it classy,



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